Big Changes for Bears, Jerry Angelo Fired and Mike Martz Resigns

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It was a huge day for the Chicago Bears organization. General Manager Jerry Angelo was relieved of his duties, aka fired, and Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz resigned. The news broke early this morning by the Chicago Tribune. Many Bear fans flocked to facebook and twitter ecstatic over the news. Such sites as FireJerryAngelo.Org have been in operation for years. The general manager has been the opposite of a fan favorite over the years for such blunders as sending Thomas Jones out of Chicago, signing Hurd/Barber/Williams from Dallas recently, drafting horribly, and the checked box fiasco at the NFL draft. A clear cut replacement hasn't been made clear but the organization has stated they intend to hire from outside. This means Tim Ruskell will not be replacing Jerry Angelo, thank god. 

Mike Martz also resigned today stating it was over "philosophical differences". This essentially means he couldn't do things how he wanted, after they were proven to not be successful, and got upset over that. Remember when the Bears were 7-3 with a healthy Jay Cutler and Cutler told Martz to "F&#8 off" in the middle of a game? The video went viral and was passed around all over the internet. This was the turning point in the season when Martz knew that his tenure in Chicago wouldn't prove to be successful. After a couple abysmal showings and Forte receiving less than 10 carries, the Bears went back to Bears football and had a balanced attack. This is the reason we were successful and 7-3, not his system. Martz also wasn't a fan favorite after we traded away Greg Olsen because of "his system" because Olsen wasn't a blocking Tight End. Well, that left us with Kellen Davis. Thanks Mike! 

There is a lot of change in the Bears organization right now and that is a great thing! Expect the Bears to move in the right direction. With staples like Cutler and Forte in the franchise, we can only go up from here on out with Angelo out of town. 

Bears Win Meaningless game vs Vikings 17-13

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With Jay Cutler and Matt Forte on injured reserve and the Bears eliminated from playoff contention, it was hard to fathom why this game was even played. Anywho, the Chicago Bears came out on top with a victory over the division rival, Minnesota Vikings by a score of 17-13. The play of the game came when Charles Tillman intercepted a deflected pass from Christian Ponder in the 2nd quarter and returned it for a touchdown. Tillman is 1 interception for a TD away from being the Bears all-time leader. With this victory, came the Bears 5th straight victory over the Vikings. 

The game was rather pedestrian to watch, Josh McCown and Kahlil Bell had solid enough games to muster up a "Meh, not bad" response. McCown found a wide open Roy Williams for a 22 yard TD. McCown was 15/25 for 160 yards, 1 TD, and 1 INT. He also added 30 yards on the ground on 4 carries. Kahlil Bell had 54 yards on 17 carries. Roy Williams had his best game of the season arguably with 4 catches for 60 yards and 1 TD. 

Charles Tillman, D.J. Moore, and Tim Jennings all had interceptions on the day. D.J. Moore's interception in the 4th quarter off Joe Webb would secure the victory for the Bears. A victory that some Bear fans feel as if it was a loss. With a loss, the Bears are drafting 19th overall in the 2012 NFL draft, they could have been drafting as low as 12th. 

Double edged sword. 

Bears Place Matt Forte, Jay Cutler on Injured Reserve


So much for that whole "return" thing fans hoping for. With the Bears eliminated from playoff contention, the Bears placed injured QB Jay Cutler and RB Matt Forte on injured reserve. Cutler has been missing from action the past 5 weeks after having surgery on a broken right thumb. Cutler had the pins removed and has only been dealing with some swelling. If the Bears absolutely needed Cutler to play, doctors believe he could. With nothing to gain, the Bears decided against an early return.

As for Matt Forte, he sustained a sprained MCL against the Kansas City Chiefs early in December and has missed the last 3 games. It's amazing to see the Cutler-less/Forte-less Bears. It's hard to imagine with them both healthy we were 7-3 and looking like a top dawg in the NFC. Without them, we play abysmal and it pains to watch. 

Without Cutler, the Bears are 0-5 and have lost 5 straight games. Without Matt Forte we are 0-3 as well. Now that the Bears are officially eliminated from the season they have no reason to keep them on the active roster. There replacements Caleb Hanie, Josh McCown, Marion Barber, and Kahlil Bell didn't do well enough to sustain the 7-3 record. McCown and Bell played very well but Hanie and Barber blew it before they could take over and keep the playoff hopes alive. 

Packers Send Bears Home on Christmas by Score of 35-21


It wasn't the best Christmas gift I've ever received but, I can't say I wasn't fully expecting it. The Bears kept it close early on with Josh McCown at the helm of the Bears offense. McCown was able to keep the score respectable for the most part, while Kahlil Bell did his best to keep the chains moving. Surprising enough the Bears, despite being down most of the game, at one point had almost triple the total amount of yards the Packers had. The Bears had all of the momentum as they marched all over the Packers until McCown threw an interception right into the chest of Clay Mathews. 

From that point on Aaron Rodgers took over and went on to pick apart the Bears defense at ease. Zach Bowman was lit up for several touchdowns and had many Bear fans heavily intaking eggnog to forget about his performance. Josh McCown played particularly well, many think had he been playing instead of Caleb Hanie earlier in the season, the Bears might be in the playoffs at this moment. Kahlil Bell rushed for 121 yards on the day as well. Here are some observations from the game, credit fully of Tom Shannon. 


  1. The Packers started with seven in the box  against the run.  I think a lot of these teams want to just try to stop the Bears without bringing that extra guy down.  They don’t want to just give up too soon.   The Packers did resist and really didn’t start bringing that eight guy down and didn’t shoot the gaps regularly but when they did stop the Bears run, that’s what they did.
  2. And there’s no doubt the Bears did run the ball well.  The offensive line blocked well.  The tight ends blocked well.  Tyler Clutts blocked well.  Nice work.
  3. And the protection for quarterback Josh McCown wasn’t all that bad.  They did a nice job of picking up the blitz and when they didn’t, McCown sensed it, left the pocket and ran.
  4. Having said that, McCown never looked all that comfortable in the pocket to me.
  5. McCown’s accuracy wasn’t bad but it could have been better.  Its probable he’s still getting the timing down with the receivers but I don’t think that’s all of it.
  6. Kahlil Bell and Armando Allen both ran well and made yards on their own.  I thought Bell looked particularly good.  His only real gaff was fumbling the ball in the first half.  McCown recovered it but you’d think the one thing these guys would know to do is give the defense a chance and to under no circumstances turn the ball over.
  7. Roy Williams actually didn’t do too bad once he got his customary drop out of the way.  I wish there was a way to break him of that.
  8. Dane Sanzenbacher had a good game but eventually the Packers picked up on the fact that McCown was feeding him and started jumping his routes.
  9. Wow was there some bad Green Bay tackling out there.  This teams is going to have a hard time making the Super Bowl unless they clean up their fundamentals on defense.
  10. Down 17 points and McCown dunks the ball over the crossbar?  Bad form.


  1. The Bears went largely with single coverage most of this game which was, in terms of the X’s and O’s, the right way to play it.  It was, therefore, a re-enforcement of what I think we all know by now.  They can’t do this.  Their corners aren’t good enough.
  2. The Bears did try to blitz occasionally and put pressure on the Green Bay line, which was a bit banged up.  Green Bay picked it up well and they caught the Bears in the blitz a couple times for big gains with some good calls.
  3. Which emphasizes another problem.  The pressure on Aaron Rogers wasn’t there.  Many of the passes were coming out quick but when they weren’t, the Bears weren’t getting there.
  4. The Packers must really not be confident in their running game.  the Bears were inviting them to do it, playing seven in the box against running personnel and the Packers still threw the ball most of the time.
  5. Once again the Bears defense broke at crunch time and allowed a touch down in less than two minutes to end the half.  This has been a major problem for what is supposed to be a strength of the team.  They aren’t bowing up and stopping teams when they need to.
  6. Apparently if you want to score agains the Bears, you just isolate Zack Bowman in single coverage and throw at him.  I’ll be interested to hear what Lovie Smith has to say about this happening over and over again.  I’m not sure what, if any adjustments they could have made but that was way too easy.


  1. I was trying to watch the game amongst various and a sundry family members and there was far too much noise to hear the announcing team.  The Sunday Night crew usually does a good job.
  2. Is Chicago leading the league in interceptions thrown to pass rushers?  The interceptions obviously hurt.
  3. I thought Devin Hester called fair catch on a punt in the second quarter that he decided to run after catching the ball.
  4. If you’re going to pooch the ball on a kickoff into the empty space behind the hands team, make sure you practice it and can execute it.  That was pathetic.
  5. I can’t com pain about drops this game.  Except for Williams’ usual brain cramp they didn’t too too bad here.
  6. Too, too many penalties.  The defense was offsides.  There were false starts.  An legal shift?  There’s not excuse for this.
  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  You can’t succeed against the best teams in the modern NFL unless you have corners who can cover man-to-man.  Its too easy to set up mismatches against a zone.  To Lovie Smith and Rod Marinelli’s credit, I think they know this.  But that doesn’t help when you simply don’t have the talent to do it.  The Bears don’t.  Its another of the many, many needs the Bears have going into the offseason. 

Chicago Bears News & Notes from this Week

It has been an interesting week to say the least. After getting blown out by the Seattle Seahawks, a couple moves have been made by the team. Let's start this out in bullett form....

  • Johnny Knox underwent back surgery after his brutal bone-crunching hit on Sunday. He was announced as having walked the next day and has been released from the hospital. His injury will take him out for the rest of the season, adding to the list of Bears on Injured Reserve. It sucks we have ANOTHER guy injured, especially after last season we fought the injury bug so well. Outside of football, it's great to see Knox is walking and wasn't seriously injured. That hit hurts to watch. 
  • Josh McCown will start this Sunday against the Green Bay Packers on Christmas day. If we're going to blow on national TV, I would prefer it be with a QB who has blown on national TV before. Hanie isn't ready for the spotlight and have proven to be completely abysmal. McCown is used to playing bad so maybe it will balance out finally. If his start culminates in a win against the Packers, our season will be saved and considered a "success". 
  • According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, Gabe Carimi suffered a “subluxation of the knee”, which was similar to an injury he sustained during his college career that resulted in a yellow flag on some team’s draft boards. Carimi underwent arthroscopic surgery in November, but was placed on injured reserve the following week. The new surgery will sideline Carimi for four months, but is expected to be ready for training camp. UGH! 
  • Chris Conte will be joining Johnny Knox on injured reserve. Conte, a third-round pick out of Cal, sprained his foot during Sunday’s 38-14 loss. Conte started nine of 14 games this season, totaling 30 tackles and an interception. Conte proved to be a solid pick after many questioned his draft selection. 
  • To replace Knox and Conte, the Bears promoted wide receiver Max Komar, linebacker Thaddeus Gibson and running Armando Allen from the practice squad. The Bears had a third open spot on the 53-man roster after released wide receiver Sam Hurd late last week
It's RIVALRY WEEK! Let's hope we smash (or maybe contend?) the Packers! 

Bears Blown out by SeaBirds, Lose 38-14 against Seattle Seahawks

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Well it looked like a game for awhile. Seattle's defense took the game by the claws. Red Bryant and the Seattle defense made it a tough second half on the Chicago Bears and helped the Seahawks pummel Da Bears 38-14 win Sunday.

Bryant returned an interception 20 yards for the go-ahead TD in the third quarter — one of four picks by the Seattle. Caleb Hanie was hit hard on the play by K.J. Wright and threw the ball right into Bryant’s arms as Seattle (7-7) scored two touchdowns in a 50-second span early in the third quarter to take control. Brandon Browner returned another interception 42 yards for a TD in the final quarter as the Seahawks outscored Chicago 31-0 in the second half. Seattle had four sacks and also a fumble recovery.

Now 7-7, the Bears lost their fourth straight and played most of the game without wide receiver Johnny Knox, who was carted off the field after injuring his back while scrambling for a fumble early in the game. Knox would later be pronounced as ok but would go to the injured reserve. 

Knox’s injury was the latest setback for the Bears over the last month. Quarterback Jay Cutler (broken thumb) and running back Matt Forte (sprained knee) have been sidelined and this week wide receiver Sam Hurd was arrested on federal drug charges and subsequently cut by the team.

Hanie, who has struggled mightily since Cutler was hurt Nov. 20, kept his feet moving, stepped to the side of the pocket and bought enough time before delivering a 25-yard TD pass to Kahlil Bell with just under two minutes left in the half for a 14-7 lead.

After that, everything went downhill for the injury-plagued Bears. 

When you turn the ball over and you are outscored 31-0 in the second half, no matter how good of a team you have, you will lose every time. Hopefully the Bears will recove this weekend as they face the division rival the Green Bay Packers. The Packers will be coming off their first loss of the season against the abysmal (yes, I know they beat us) Chiefs. Hey...any given Sunday! If the Bears win this game, it doesn't matter how the season ends. It will have been a huge success. 

Let's go get a W! 

Observations from the Bears 13-10 Loss to the Broncos

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Losing to Tim Tebow hurts so bad that writing this post has actually made my fingers cry. Although that may be blood from throwing many objects while watching the game. I can't really tell. 

The Bears lost 13-10 to the Broncos in overtime on Sunday, here are some observations from the game on each side of the ball. 


  1. Daryl Johnston made the excellent point that the Bears needed to keep Tim Tebow from rolling to his left. They had only limited success.
  2. It was very evident that the Bears were determined to limit the run. Lots of guys near the line of scrimmage. Some man coverage with a deep safety.
  3. There were a lot of camera shots of Julius Peppers early that left me wondering if his knee wasn’t bothering him more than in previous weeks.
  4. I’m not entirely sure why the Bears didn’t have someone spying Tebow. He hurts you badly on the ground. Perhaps it was because they needed everyone in position to defend the option, including Brian Ulacher. Either he or Lance Briggs would have ordinarily drawn the duty. Johnston suggested late in the game that Craig Steltz may have been doing a little of it.
  5. I’ll say this. As good as he runs, Tebow does not throw the ball well consistently. He winds up like a top and he’s not accurate much of the time.
  6. As both Tony Siragusa and Johnston pointed out, the Bears defense just lost all aggressiveness as the first half wore on. The Bears would run a stunt or rush Tebow and he would run right by them. They were worried about their responsibilities on the option and about Willis McGahee. Too much thinking and not enough reacting. They did better in the second half but they still weren’t always as aggressive as usual.
  7. The Broncos offense is an interesting problem. The Bears basically were successful because of their speed to the ball. Without it, they would have been in some trouble.
  8. Give the Bears credit for playing with discipline, as well (penalties aside).
  9. I’m guessing the long Bears offensive drive in the third quarter was welcome not just because it resulted in a touchdown but because it gave the Bears defense a rest in the thin air.
  10. The Bears played very, very soft coverage in the fourth quarter. They had obviously watched the tape of how the Broncos were pulling off these miracles in previous games. The big play wan’t gong to happen.


  1. Caleb Hanie rolled out for his first pass. That was different.
  2. The Broncos weren’t stacking the box against the run early on first down against run personnel, apparently believing they could stop the Bears without doing so. Personally, I thought it was a mistake. There’s no reason not to try to pressure Hanie and make him beat you through the air.
  3. As you might expect, the Bears took the gift and got started running the ball.
  4. Good thing as Hanie was, once again, less than impressive. His accuracy was again suspect as even the screen passes were high (again).
  5. The Broncos were blitzing reasonably effectively on obvious passing downs, particularly second down. The offensive line was having a tough time with pass protection and Hanie didn’t help by holding the ball too long (again).
  6. The Bears played it conservative early, apparently choosing to rely on the defense. They didn’t go for it on fourth and one on the first possession and chose to run on 3rd and about 17 on the second. The tone was set.
  7. As you might expect, the Broncos eventually came to the realization that the Bears weren’t going to beat them through the air. They stacked the box and crowded the line in the second half, exactly like they should have from the beginning.
  8. To the Bears credit, they still ran the ball reasonably well. The line did a reasonable job of run blocking to my mind. It’s tough sledding when there’s zero fear of the pass.
  9. The wide receivers were also having a tough time but it looked to me like they was separation there on occasion. They weren’t awful. Hanie just wasn’t hitting them in the short windows they were open.
  10. As often as I’ve ridden Roy Williams for his drops, credit him with a great catch with 2:00 left in the third quarter on third down.
  11. Johnston once again made the excellent point in the third quarter that the Bears needed to keep using Kahlil Bell. He withdrew the comment later but I thought he was right. Bell’s more versatile and he’s a better receiver. Marion Barber did well (until the fourth quarter) but I think he’s more suited to the change of pace back role. Perhaps they should be splitting the carries more evenly.


  1. Kenny Albert, Johnston, Siragusa were just excellent. Johnston and Siragusa peppered the broadcast with good comments that the average fan like myself might not have otherwise picked up. It was a pleasure.
  2. Wonderful job blocking the field goal in the second quarter. Peppers blocked it but give the whole unit credit for getting a good deal of penetration.
  3. Robbie Gould could have hit that field goal at the end of the third quarter from a lot farther out than 57 yards. It wasn’t close.
  4. Punt coverage was outstanding.
  5. Hanie was, once again, not helped by his supporting cast as Devin Hester came out and dropped the first pass to him. The Bears were fortunate that the Broncos were even worse, dropping balls all over the field.
  6. Personal fouls on the Bears defense in the first half kept Broncos drives going early. You can’t take shots on quarterbacks high or low. Guys on defense have to play with control or the team will pay.
  7. The penalties weren’t limited to the defense. In a game like this one, every one was damaging and special teams and offense contributed their fair share. Lance Lewis had another poor game with some false starts, making me miss Gabe Carimi more than I thought I would at this point.
  8. Hester had a face mask at a bad time late in the third quarter. Can’t run the ball when you are putting yourself in those downs and distances.
  9. Wonderful interception on the sideline by Charles Tillman in the first quarter. Tebow held the ball too long once all game and the Steltz caused him to fumble the ball.
  10. The Bears almost stayed alive in the playoff race because of their defensive speed and discipline. But if you’re going to run the ball offensively and survive that way, then the mistakes have to go completely away. No penalties, no drops, no Barber brain cramps, no margin for error. It’s a tough way to live. 
Tom Shannon, unlike Marion Barber is a genius!  

Bears Fumble it Away in 13-10 Overtime Loss to Tim Tebow's Broncos

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We were so close, yet so far away in this one. The Bears held onto a 10-0 lead with 2:08 to go into the game. I thought to myself, this game is over and there is no way we can lose at this point. 10 points to zero with only 2 minutes remaining. They found a way to prove me wrong. 

Tim Tebow would find Demaryius Thomas for a 10 yard touchdown pass to make the score 10-7. The Bears allowed Tim Tebow to march down the field in an Elway like fashion on this drive. Not taking anything away from Tim Tebow but, when the defense is playing prevent with their safeties 25 yards deep, it's easy to move the ball down the field by dinking and dunking. Tebow would hit underneath routes and only throw deeper when something was glaringly wide open. The prevent defense, prevents wins. 

The Bears would receive the ball back and Denver had no timeouts. After failing to recover the onside kick (Nick Roach recovered in dramatic fashion), the Bears could run the clock out. If only it was that easy. Marion Barber would get a plunge or two up the middle to drain the clock. Then for some unknown reason the Bears would run the ball to the inside hash mark, where Barber would bounce it outside out of bounds. If Barber stays in bounds, our playoff hopes are alive and still in bloom. Instead he ran out of bounds, gave the Broncos the ball back with 53 seconds and allowed Denver Kicker Matt Prater to hit a 59 yard FG to force overtime. 

Marion Barber must feel awful at this point. It only gets worse from here folks. While in field goal range, Marion Barber would break through the first level of defenders, and then fumble the ball and the game away. Tim Tebow did very little to move his team forward for the win. Matt Prater did most of the work by nailing a 51 yard FG to send the Bears back to Chicago with a 13-10 loss. 

Watching this game was like watching a defensive UFC fight. Both fighters doing their best not to lose, they both forget that they must try to win. Caleb Hanie was 12/19 for 115 yards, 0 TDs, 0 INTs. Jay Cutler does these numbers on 1 drive. He is so good he can throw for 115 yards on a 100 yard regulation size field. Tim Tebow was 21/40 for 236 yards 1 TD, 1 INT. Very pedestrian numbers up until 2 minutes to go in the game when he completed passes against the prevent defense. 

Marion Barber, despite his 2 glaringly huge mistakes to give Denver the win, had a solid game. The first 58 minutes of the game he played great. He had 27 carries for 108 yards with a long of 17 yards. The WR corps was very pedestrian this game. Johnny Knox had 3 catches for 37 yards. Pro bowl numbers right? 

Defensively Julius Peppers had a huge blocked field goal in the 1st quarter. Charles Tillman had an incredible interception on Tim Tebow in the 1st quarter as well. Brian Urlacher had 10 tackles on the day. 

This loss hurts. We could have kept our playoff hopes alive and kept our wildcard spot in the standings. Both wildcard contenders in Detroit and Atlanta won and right now we would be out of the playoffs if they started today. Barring a miracle, it looks like our season could be done. 

Next week the Bears play the Seattle Seahawks. A re-match of the divisional round playoffs last season when the Bears thwolloped the Hawks in Chicago in the snow. 

Matt Forte out 2-6 Weeks with an MCL Sprain


For those expecting Matt Forte to carry the Bears to the playoffs, think again. After losing Jay Cutler for the regular season just a week before, the Bears are now without Matt Forte for 2-6 weeks with an MCL Sprain. This is the same injury Jay Cutler experienced in the NFC Championship game against the Packers last January. 

On Monday morning Matt Forte's MRI confirmed he had a grade two MCL sprain in his right knee. A grade three sprain is a complete tear. Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune expects Forte to be out 2-6 weeks. Typically an injury of this nature is a 4 week injury. In Forte's history of being injured, he has proven to be a fast healer. My personal opinion would have him returning around 3-4 weeks from now. He would miss games against the Broncos, Seahawks, Packers and potentially returning on January 1st against the Vikings. 

Some experts are placing his return on Christmas day against the Packers. Right now Matt Forte is third in the NFL with 997 rushing yards. He leads the NFL in yards from scrimmage with 1,487. How important is Forte to the Bears? Well, he accounts for 38% of the team's entire yardage total this season. 

In relief will be Marion "The Barbarion" Barber. On the year Barber has 76 carries for 281 yards and 5 TD's. After Forte's injury Barber came in and had 14 carries for 44 yards. 

The Bears will face the Denver Broncos this upcoming Sunday. This is a must-win game for the Bears as they face the highly talked about, Tim Tebow. 

Observations from the 10-3 Bears Loss to the Chiefs


If you had told me we would lose 10-3 to the Kansas City Chiefs a month ago, I would have slapped you in the face and laughed. Now it is I, who has been slapped in the face. Feelings of confusion and disdain now overwhelm me as a fan.

The Jay Cutler-less Bears have now become the Matt Forte-less Bears going into the home stretch of the playoff run. Forte suffered a MCL sprain against the Chiefs, thrusting Marion Barber into the feature back role. 

Here are my general observations from the game. Let's start first with defense...


  1. The Chiefs came out running against the Bears defense with a couple short passes. This was apparently to take the pressure off of KC quarterback Tyler Palko. They were probably also anticipating a defensive game with Caleb Hanie at quarterback for the Bears.
  2. Palko came out throwing easy throws accurately.
  3. This was a really good game for the defensive line. Julius Peppers was a beast on the pass rush.
  4. The Bears supplemented the pass rush with some well timed blitzes but otherwise they were, once again, generally bland.
  5. Palko avoided a pretty good rush by simply running away from it. He’s very mobile.
  6. I was surprised to see Kyle Orton with Palko not doing too bad to my eye. It was a shame to see him hurt after only one play.
  7. Dwayne Bowe always seemed to be a step ahead of the Bears defense. He’s big and he can run after the catch and he always seemed to get just enough yardage to get that critical first down.
  8. KC did a really good job of running the ball on the Bears defense in the third quarter as Bears pass rushers eager to get to Palko ran right by the running backs. Some really good play calling there.
  9. Bear defensive backs were having a terrible time getting off blocks on the Kansas City wide receiver screens. They’ve got to be stronger than that.


  1. It didn’t take long for Kansas City to bring that safety up into the box to stop Matt Forte. As usual, the Bears opponent wanted to make the Bears beat them through the air. First possession – three and out.
  2. Kansas City’s defensive backs dominated the Bears receivers with good coverage.
  3. Caleb Hanie came out unable to complete even some of the short passes that Mike Martz called to get him started. His accuracy apparently did not get better in his second week wth the starters. He was missing opportunity after opportunity to hit wide open receivers on broken coverages.
  4. Thank you Matt Spaeth for that wiff on the block that got Matt Forte hurt.
  5. Caleb Hanie has to get rid of the ball. I know the Bears receivers were well covered most of the time but he’d have had more success if he threw with some anticipation to a spot like the offense calls for him to do.
  6. KC did a good job of keeping Hanie in the pocket with a controlled, disciplined pass rush.
  7. Glad to see Marion Barber running so well again.
  8. The offensive line struggled to block for the run on occasion when they were allowing too much penetration. The Chiefs were crashing line of scrimmage against the run.
  9. Caleb Hanie cannot throw a jump ball with Johnny Knox as the receiver. This was a lesson Jay Cutler learned his first year (with Hanie watching). Interception.
  10. The pass protection was really poor in the second half. Mike Martz really needed to call some screens and draws. Running the ball with some delayed handoffs like Kansas City did to slow down the Bear pass rush would have been a good way to do it.
  11. In fairness, giving Hanie max protection in the fourth quarter did help. It might not be a cooincidence that Hanie’s passing improved at that point as well.
  12. I’m not entirely sure why Devin Hester ended up being Hanie’s primary target.


  1. Like the Bears, Kevin Harlan was off his game. Warning that a punt almost hit Jalil Brown again was, perhaps, unnecessary given that KC kicked it. Getting Dom DeCicco mixed up with Patrick Trahan wasn’t a high point for him. It could be because we’ve been spoiled with the best color men the NFL has to offer this year but Solomon Wilcots didn’t seem to have much of any significance to say.
  2. The Chiefs started off the special teams battle the right way with a touched punt that resulted in a turnover to the Bears.The Bears fake field goal was pretty sick. Yellow flags flew everywhere against the Bears special teams. KC kicked the ball off out of bounds midway through the third quarter. Devin Hester dropped a fair catch. Hester had a nice return at the beginning of the second quarter but otherwise special teams were just a comedy of errors. A really bad comedy.
  3. Kansas CIty got an interception late midway though the third quarter that just killed the Bears. I thought that’s what the Bears were supposed to be doing. Instead Charles Tillman missed an interception in the second possession of the first quarter. Tim Jennings dropped one as well.
  4. The penalty on Bowman for interference with a punt reception in the first quarter was bogus. Marion Barber sure looked to me like he was close enough to the line of scimmage to avaid a penalty on the stolen touchdown in the second quarter. A bogus defensive holding call on Tillman kept a critical drive going in the third quarter that led to a field goal. The referees hurt the Bears as much as the Chiefs did.
  5. There weren’t many drops but it figures that the one critical one that resulted in an interception would come from Roy Williams. Its come to be expected.
  6. I hope someone explains why the Bears called timeout in the second quarter immediately after one by Kansas City.
  7. Late in the third quarter down 10-3. The Bears had first and goal from inside the ten. Two Hanie sacks on some terrible pass protection later, Robbie Gould missed the 42 yard field goal.
    They aren’t a playoff team.
  8. Television commercial of the year: Allstate mayhem commercial with the “300 lb streaker painted blue and completely naked apart from the cleats”. Made me smile on a miserable day.