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Could Chester Taylor Be Waving Good Bye to Bear Fans?

Robin Alam/Icon SMI

Chester Taylor very well could be reenacting this very moment. 

Bear fans were ecstatic about the signing of former Dallas Cowboy Marion Barber. One man who was less ecstatic was Chester Taylor.

Taylor was brought into Chicago on a 4 year-12.5 million dollar deal. Forte is going on the last leg of his rookie deal and is planned to make 555,000 dollars. Forte has been a work horse for the Chicago Bears and Taylor was supposed to take the work load off him last season. Taylor only mustered 267 yards on 112 carries for 3 TD's.

An average of 2.4 yards per carry does not justify the amount of money the Bears front office gave Taylor. Taylor's contract amplifies Matt Forte's contract extension woes. Taylor is set to make 1.25 million this season (made 7 million last season) and the Bears don't intend to pay him if he's going to be on the bench. 

In the first pre-season game while the other RB's flourished, Chester Taylor got 3 handoffs and fell down at the line of scrimmage each time.

  • Khalil Bell - 13 Carries - 73 Yards
  • Marion Barber - 7 Carries - 45 Yards
  • Harvey Unga - 9 Carries - 27 Yards
  • Jay Cutler - 1 Carry - 10 Yards
  • Caleb Hanie - 1 Carry - 4 Yards - 1 Rushing TD
  • Chester Taylor - 3 Carries - 3 Yards 
If Taylor doesn't have a breakout game against the New York Giants on Monday night, it could spell an end to his time in Chicago. Fans are chirping that Taylor is the odd man out, and it's being re-chirped (re-tweeted?) by the Chicago media. With Bell, Unga, and Barber playing well, Taylor could be packing his bags.