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Big Changes for Bears, Jerry Angelo Fired and Mike Martz Resigns

Chuck Rydlewski/IconSMI

It was a huge day for the Chicago Bears organization. General Manager Jerry Angelo was relieved of his duties, aka fired, and Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz resigned. The news broke early this morning by the Chicago Tribune. Many Bear fans flocked to facebook and twitter ecstatic over the news. Such sites as FireJerryAngelo.Org have been in operation for years. The general manager has been the opposite of a fan favorite over the years for such blunders as sending Thomas Jones out of Chicago, signing Hurd/Barber/Williams from Dallas recently, drafting horribly, and the checked box fiasco at the NFL draft. A clear cut replacement hasn't been made clear but the organization has stated they intend to hire from outside. This means Tim Ruskell will not be replacing Jerry Angelo, thank god. 

Mike Martz also resigned today stating it was over "philosophical differences". This essentially means he couldn't do things how he wanted, after they were proven to not be successful, and got upset over that. Remember when the Bears were 7-3 with a healthy Jay Cutler and Cutler told Martz to "F&#8 off" in the middle of a game? The video went viral and was passed around all over the internet. This was the turning point in the season when Martz knew that his tenure in Chicago wouldn't prove to be successful. After a couple abysmal showings and Forte receiving less than 10 carries, the Bears went back to Bears football and had a balanced attack. This is the reason we were successful and 7-3, not his system. Martz also wasn't a fan favorite after we traded away Greg Olsen because of "his system" because Olsen wasn't a blocking Tight End. Well, that left us with Kellen Davis. Thanks Mike! 

There is a lot of change in the Bears organization right now and that is a great thing! Expect the Bears to move in the right direction. With staples like Cutler and Forte in the franchise, we can only go up from here on out with Angelo out of town.