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Will Forte Receive Significant Action in Week 2 Pre-Season Game?

If Matt Forte could run for an 89 yard touchdown on the Raiders in 2010, imagine what he can do against the Giants in 2011.

Starters don't play all that often in the pre-season already, with Matt Forte hoping for a contract extension it isn't apparent if we'll be seeing much of him. Bear fans got an impressive showing in the Week 1 vs the Buffalo Bills as the Bears ground game exploded.

Marion Barber, Kahlil Bell, and Harvey Unga pounded their way 164 yards on the ground off 35 carries. With a 4.7 yards per carry average, Bear fans have a lot to be excited about. This impressive performance on the ground occurred without a single carry by Matt Forte.

Forte only played 1 series in which he caught 1 screen pass for 0 yards. The Bears were sacked on more plays than Matt Forte was on the field for. 

The media couldn't stop mentioning the 9 sacks given up in the passing game so there wasn't much praise given to the stellar run blocking last Saturday vs the Bills. If Kahlil Bell and Harvey Unga have fans excited, please get Forte behind this offensive line a.s.a.p. Don't let him throw a pass behind those guys but, hand it off and watch us rattle off 4.7 yards a pop. 

Bear fans are hoping that Forte sees a little more action but it's unlikely since that contract extension hasn't been handled yet. The front office needs to get on the ball and PAY THAT MAN HIS MONEY. 

Hopefully before the end of the pre-season, we'll be able to see a little less of Chester Taylor and, a little bit more of that 89 yard touchdown action.