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Pre-Season Week 2 Preview vs Giants

Warren Wimmer/Icon SMI

Jay Cutler still has nightmares of his trip to the meadowlands against the Giants last season. A game in which Cutler left early with a concussion and was sacked 10 times before leaving the game. 

Offensive Line Coach Mike Tice is hoping for a different outcome this trip. Last week in the Bears' first pre-season game they gave up 9 sacks. 1 less sack than that night but drew the same amount of heavy criticism from the media after the Giants game.

This is a huge step for this offensive line if they can bounce back and have a good showing against a great pass rush. The interesting part of the offensive line woes is that run blocking came with ease. Bear RB's averaged over 4.7 yards per carry and dazzled Bear fans at Soldier field. 

Adjustments are needed by Martz and Tice to keep Bear fans off the ledge. It isn't even September and a majority of Bear fans are very worried. That seems to be the case every season as last pre-season we were 0-4 and looked abysmal. Luckily pre-season didn't gauge where our team ended up at the end of the season which was, 1 game away from the Super Bowl. 

It isn't known yet what the offensive line is going to look like. Lance Louis will hopefully be pulled in favor of Roberto Garza. $6 million dollars was given to Chris Spencer, let's hope he takes over the reign of the center position.  

Last week Jay Cutler only played 1 series, it isn't known if we'll be seeing more action from Jay. I would like to see see Cutler throw a touchdown or two before he comes out of the game. Many other starting QB's around the league are getting a lot of playing time in. Patriots' QB Tom Brady played until the 2nd half. I don't believe Cutler played until the 2nd minute last week.  

I believe the Bears will play it by ear. If the Giants keep in Eli Manning, I fully expect Cutler to remain in the game. This is a statement game. Although it's pre-season, the Giants embarrassed the Bears last season. 

The anxiety from Bear fans lies within the offensive line performance. Dwelling on the negative so much makes us forget the positives from last week vs Buffalo.

The offensive line propelled our backfield to over 160 yards rushing (4.7 yards per carry). Our newly signed RB Marion Barber looked fabulous and ran violently. Barber re-assured Bear fans why Chicago brought him in. Also the defensive line play was fabulous especially from Amobi Okoye and Henry Melton. We have a lot to be excited about fellas!