Will Forte Receive Significant Action in Week 2 Pre-Season Game?

If Matt Forte could run for an 89 yard touchdown on the Raiders in 2010, imagine what he can do against the Giants in 2011.

Starters don't play all that often in the pre-season already, with Matt Forte hoping for a contract extension it isn't apparent if we'll be seeing much of him. Bear fans got an impressive showing in the Week 1 vs the Buffalo Bills as the Bears ground game exploded.

Marion Barber, Kahlil Bell, and Harvey Unga pounded their way 164 yards on the ground off 35 carries. With a 4.7 yards per carry average, Bear fans have a lot to be excited about. This impressive performance on the ground occurred without a single carry by Matt Forte.

Forte only played 1 series in which he caught 1 screen pass for 0 yards. The Bears were sacked on more plays than Matt Forte was on the field for. 

The media couldn't stop mentioning the 9 sacks given up in the passing game so there wasn't much praise given to the stellar run blocking last Saturday vs the Bills. If Kahlil Bell and Harvey Unga have fans excited, please get Forte behind this offensive line a.s.a.p. Don't let him throw a pass behind those guys but, hand it off and watch us rattle off 4.7 yards a pop. 

Bear fans are hoping that Forte sees a little more action but it's unlikely since that contract extension hasn't been handled yet. The front office needs to get on the ball and PAY THAT MAN HIS MONEY. 

Hopefully before the end of the pre-season, we'll be able to see a little less of Chester Taylor and, a little bit more of that 89 yard touchdown action. 

Week 1 Pre-Season Observations vs Bills

YourBoyRoy from Youtube had a very quality breakdown of the game film showing the good, the bad, and the ugly (9 sacks worth). Here are some of my own observations and notes I jotted down during the game. 

    • Jay Cutler completed 1 pass on 1 attempt for 0 yards after playing 1 series. Not much to comment on outside of an impressive 10 yard run. Caleb Hanie came in for Cutler rather quickly. Hopefully Jay will get more playing time next week vs NYG.
    • Marion Barber with 45 yards on 7 carries was easily the most impressive Bear tonight. Barber looked great especially when he bounced to the outside, ran over a CB, and picked up 5 more yards. Every carry Barber receives, is one step closer to the Bears letting Chester Taylor go.
    • Undrafted free agent Kris Adams was the most impressive undrafted free agent. Adams hauled in a great 31 yard catch by from Nathan Enderle. He was the leading wide receiver for the game with 3 catches for 58 yards.
    • Undrafted free agent Dane Sanzenbacher was targeted deep on a post corner, beat the cornerback and was held. He drew a pass interference call on the play. Had he not been held, Sanzenbacher possibly could have scored a touchdown.
    • Amobi Okoye seems to have found a home in Chicago. Okoye had 2 sacks and just looks like a physical beast out there. Commentators couldn’t stop talking about how “big” his arms were. Him and Israel Idonije haven’t confirmed, but rumor has it, they intend to have a duel of who has better looking biceps.
    • Special teams looked mighty impressive. Knox had a 70 yard kick return and Earl Bennett had a 33 yard punt return. Many fans think of Hester were fielding either of those, both would have been touchdowns.
    • Gould barely missed a 56 yard field right before halftime. It was slightly to the right but had enough distance to make it easily.
    • Offensive Line gave up 9 sacks on the day. A couple could be credited to great coverage, a couple could be credited to bad blocking. G Lance Louis was really struggling and looked to be the most vulnerable part of the offensive line. Despite giving up 9 sacks, overall the Bears run blocking was very impressive. There were distinct holes opening up with down field blocking. Barber and Bell took all the credit but, run blocking was on point. When RB Harvey Unga came into the game, Bears instituted “power run game” and Unga blasted his way to 27 yards on 9 carries.
    • Major Wright had 5 tackles, including a couple solos. If he can stay healthy, he’ll be a big help in run support. Fundamentally he may be one of the top tacklers on the team.
    • Special teamer Sam Hurd forced a fumble on a kickoff that the Bears recovered. Penalty on the play prohibited Bears from capitalizing on the great strip.
    • Bears defensive line looked solid. Rotation of the DL is going to be very nasty when the regular season starts.
    • Zack Bowman, Corey Wooten, Marcus Harrison were injured during the game. None look to be too serious of injuries.
    • Mike Holmes had the lone turnover on the Bears defense with an interception.
    • Craig Steltz still looks like Clay Mathews in middle school.